Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know many of you come year after year to the North Fork River because you have gotten fed up with the wild partying and huge crowds on some of the rivers located closer to the major metropolitan areas of Missouri. I fear that recent proposed cuts to the Missouri water patrol could lead to increased inproprieties on not only our river, but on other lakes and streams throughout the state. Our lakes and streams are natural treasures that without some supervision can become places unfit to take families for a weekend of recreation. As a group, the outfitters on the North Fork try our best to keep our campgrounds and float trips more family oriented than some other rivers, and while we don't always succeed, the loss of our single water patrol officer would certainly hurt our efforts. I hope you will read the attached newpaper article and contact the governor's office and whoever else you might know that could help. The state government of Missouri needs to rethink their priorities, and put the safety and well being of its' residents ahead of something such as the Tour Across Missouri. If the safety of our lakes and rivers is put in jeopardy the state will certainly lose more revenue than it would by cutting a bike race that comes around once a year. Read the article and you will know what I am talking about. Thanks for listening and if you can do anything we would certainly appreciate it, let's keep the North Fork River a place we can take our families and youth groups year after year without worrying too much about what they might see or hear.

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  1. I agree. Sunburst has been a great place to come year after year. There is about 20-28 of us that come down every year for the last 8, I think. We drive down 4-1/2 hours past several other rivers to come to the North Fork where the water and wildlife is second to none. If nothing is done it will end up like the rest.

    Thanks Sunburst for all the good memorises!